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Ellumenation™- Wood Grain Humidifier

Ellumenation™- Wood Grain Humidifier

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Introducing the Wood Grain Humidifier - a versatile and convenient aromatherapy device that is perfect for any home. This diffuser has a large and easy-to-clean 500ml water tank that can run for hours, making it perfect for use in any room.

This diffuser features 7 colors of LED breathing light with monochromatic and continuous color-switching options. It has 2 mist modes - low and high, and 4 timer setting modes - 1H, 3H, 6H, and ON. Additionally, it has a safety auto-switch that turns off the diffuser automatically when the water level runs low.

This 3-in-1 aroma diffuser, humidifier, and night light are perfect for improving the air quality in your home. It can mask pet or smoking odors and protect your family from overly dry air, static electricity, and other damage. You can use it as a colored night light to illuminate your vision and adjust the sleeping atmosphere.

Our smart diffuser works by creating 360° ultrasonic frequencies that instantly atomize water and oil molecules in the air. It does not damage essential oils and can create a peaceful and comfortable environment for you. This essential oil diffuser is completely toxic-free, so it can be absolutely safe for everyone, even small babies. You can safely use it on a daily basis in your space.

Improve the air quality in your home and create a peaceful environment with the Home Essential Oil Diffuser. This versatile and convenient aromatherapy device is perfect for any home.



Power supply mode: AC
Function: Humidification
Applicable object: Household
Applicable area: 10-20 square meters
Shape: Vase
Noise: 36dB or less
Color: light wood grain, dark wood grain
Product specifications: American regulations, Japanese regulations, Australian regulations, British regulations, European regulations
Liner material: plastic
Shell craft: hollow
Capacity: 500ml
Fragrance: Floral

Packing list:
Plastic humidifier X1

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