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Ellumenation™- Infinity Dodecahedron

Ellumenation™- Infinity Dodecahedron

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Introducing the Infinity Dodecahedron - a mesmerizing and unique addition to any room. This LED infinity mirror dodecahedron is perfect for adding a touch of modern and futuristic design to any space, whether it's your living room, bedroom, or office.

Featuring a built-in LED light that illuminates the dodecahedron's reflective surfaces, creating an infinity illusion that will leave you in awe. The LED light can be controlled with a switch on the side of the dodecahedron, which allows you to adjust the light intensity and choose from 7 different color options.

This infinity dodecahedron is perfect for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere, whether you're gaming, working, or just unwinding. Soft light also helps to improve sleep and reduce stress.

It's also an ideal decoration for your living room, dining room, bedroom, office, meditation room, or any other place you want to create a modern, futuristic and relaxing ambiance.

This infinity dodecahedron is easy to use, simply plug it in and enjoy the mesmerizing infinity effect. It's also easy to clean, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

This Infinity Dodecahedron is not only a unique and beautiful addition to any room, but it also offers a relaxing and soothing atmosphere. It's perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of modern and futuristic design to their space, improve mood, and create a relaxing ambiance.


Light source type: led light
Shade material: Acrylic and plastic
Switch type: USB
Style: light luxury
Average service life: 999 (h)
Light source power: (including plastic bracket) (W)

Packing list:
Plastic lamp x1

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