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Ellumenation™- Magnetic Levitation UFO

Ellumenation™- Magnetic Levitation UFO

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Do you believe in aliens?

Do you believe that they might be visiting us right now, secretly observing us and our behavior? If so, then this Magnetic Levitation UFO is the perfect product for you!

This is a piece of art in the universe, free from the shackles of traditional craftsmanship. It's manufactured using environmentally friendly materials and displays charming gradient colors. Plus, Bluetooth has an effective transmission distance of 10 meters, which can ensure instant pairing and maintain stable connections.

And finally, the 360-degree surround sound field ensures that you'll be able to hear every little detail, while the ultra-low power consumption means that this UFO will be a great gift for friends and relatives.


Material: Plastic/Hardware/Metal
Style: Creative
Category: Technology
Modeling: Spaceship, UFO
Production process: Injection
Color: Blue/Grey
Power supply: USB
Weight: 2,240g
Base diameter: 7.1 (in)
- Ring diameter: 11 (in)
- Speaker diameter: 3.74 (in)
- Speaker height: 3.74 (in)

x1 Magnetic Levitation UFO
x1 User Manual
x1 USB Cable
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