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Ellumenation™- Galaxy Rose

Ellumenation™- Galaxy Rose

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Do you want to give your loved ones a gift that truly lasts?

Galaxy Rose offers a unique and beautiful way to show your love.

Galaxy Rose is a real rose that has been preserved in a glass dome. It is then adorned with a colorful light design, making it a truly captivating and unique gift. The best part is that the love represented by the rose will never fade.

Features & Benefits:
-Unique and beautiful light design: The Galaxy Rose is truly a one-of-a-kind gift that will captivate whoever receives it.
-Lasts forever: The Galaxy Rose is preserved and will never fade, making it a lasting symbol of your love.
-Easy to clean: The glass dome and bottom can be easily cleaned.

How it works:
To create the Galaxy Rose, a real rose is preserved in a glass dome. Then, a colorful light design is added to the rose. The result is a beautiful and unique gift that will last forever.

Give your loved ones a gift that truly lasts with Galaxy Rose.


Product size: height 22cm*11.5cm (base diameter)
Packing: foam + gift box
Type: Gift Box Rose
Material: high borosilicate glass + rose
Craft: handmade
Packing size with gift box: 25.5*13*13cm

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