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Ellumenation™- Flame Throwing Wand

Ellumenation™- Flame Throwing Wand

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Do you want to be a real wizard?

With this Flame Throwing Wand, you can recite spells that produce jaw-dropping effects, giving you a real wizard staff. This wand is handmade of resin and the inner tube is high-quality steel, making it safe and reliable. The double-switch design prevents the wand from being accidentally triggered, protecting your safety. This wand is perfect for parties, theatrical performances, birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween costumes.

Features & Benefits:
-Handmade resin: This wand is safe and reliable.
-High-quality steel inner tube: This wand is durable.
-Double switch design: This wand is safe to use.

How it works:
1. Recite the spell that produces the desired effect.
2. Wave the wand in the air.
3. Enjoy the jaw-dropping effects!

Order your Flame Throwing Wand today and become a real wizard!


Material: Resin
Hermione: 38cm
Dumbledore: 38cm
Voldemort: 38cm
Harry potter: 38.5cm

Packing list: 

Spell table + consumables + auxiliary hook + warning instructions + ticket + usb data cable

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