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Ellumenation™- Electronic Candle Lights

Ellumenation™- Electronic Candle Lights

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Introducing the Electronic Candle Lights - a unique and beautiful addition to any home during the holiday season. This transparent cylinder is filled with glitters that swirl around and change colors as they are illuminated by LED lights, creating a mesmerizing and festive feature.

The glitter's aesthetic is amplified thanks to the LED lights, creating a warm and cozy ambiance similar to that of a Christmas candle. The color-changing LED illuminates the water, creating a dazzling display that will make your Christmas celebrations with friends and family unforgettable.

The color-changing feature provides a slow transition from one beautiful lighting to another, creating a mesmerizing and relaxing atmosphere.

This glitter cylinder eliminates the need for traditional candles, as there is no melted candlewax that can damage furniture. The replica LED flame gives off a lovely warming glow, providing a safe and convenient alternative to traditional candles.

With multiple lighting modes to choose from, this glitter cylinder is sure to provide a unique and beautiful atmosphere during the holiday season. Make your Christmas celebrations unforgettable with the Electronic Candle Lights.



Material: Plastic
Product category: electronic candle lamp
Process: semi-manual and semi-mechanical
Style: water injection sequin electronic candlelight (including liquid)
Color: red, gold, silver
Size: 22 * 7cm

Packing list:

Candle lamp * 1

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